CHENARD / DUBUC / HEYDEN / LECLERC – Allochtone (cd)

Sylvie Chenard Guitare / Erhu / Voix / Électroniques
Alexandre Dubuc Contrebasse / Électroniques
Cathy Heyden Saxophone / Objets / Électroniques
Rémi Leclerc Batterie / Percussions / Électroniques

Montreal/Actuelle players Sylvie Chenard on guitar and voice, Alexander Dubuc on bass, Cathy Heyden on sax, and Miriodor's Remi Leclerc on drums, with all providing electronics, in an encompassing ea-improv journey that balances acoustics with sonic environments and wonderfully controlled chaos.

Trippy and granular improvisations in search of a balance between delicate noise-making and collective drive from this mix of Montreal Actuelle improvisers, including Remi LeClerc of Miriodor. The tracks are short and focused, and the sequencing of the performances add depth and a sense of journey to the album as a whole. Starting with a dark and complex sonic tapestry, the pieces build to a wonderfully controlled chaos, all the while presenting superb solo opportunities for each player. A great example of building cathartic improvisation using modern electronic instrumentation.


Enregistrement et réalisation Rémi Leclerc
Mixage et montage Bernard Falaise
Mastering Bernard Grenon
Design : Marie-Pierre Morin
Produit par les artistes pour Tour de Bras
Enregistré à Montréal le 28 février 2012
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All rights reserved / Tous droits réservés
made in Canada / fabriqué au Québec
released June 13th 2014