Darling, Dionne, Freedman, Labrosse – Dix Situations précaires (CD/ web)

Lori Freedman - clarinettes
Diane Labrosse - échantillonneur, accordéon
James Darling - violoncelle
Gabriel Dionne - Percussions

When it comes to free improvisation in the province of Quebec, we all think first of Montréal, then perhaps Québec (and Victoriaville, but there is no local scene there, only the FIMAV festival). Who would have thought that an experimental music community could emerge from Rimouski, a small city way up on the St. Lawrence River? And yet, that is what happened in the mid-2000's with the recurring Rencontres de musiques spontanées event and the inception in 2006 of the {@Tour de Bras} label.  François Couture, All Music Guide

Though subdued and largely on the quiet side of the spectrum, this wickedly satisfying recording has already found a regular slot in my CD player’s busy schedule. By Tom Sekowski in The WholeNote (Canada), March 1, 2007


Production, idée originale: Eric Normand
Édition et montage: Diane Labrosse
Production; Eric Normand / Tour de Bras
Recording: Val Bervatchez
Recorded live in Vieux Théatre de St-Fabien, sept 2005