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Did it again

Artiste: Toc
Date de sortie: 30-9-2022
Participants: Mix and CD-master by Peter Orins, except Le Gorille, CD-master by Rémy Team Deli-Ahdden | Cover drawing by Jérôme Minard - | Liner notes by Petr Slaby.

À propos de l'album

Toc Did It Again, and uses the celebration of fifteen years of sonic ebullition to add a tenth stone to its discographic edifice, a quadruple live album majestically underlined by the fineness of the line of the drawer Jérôme Minard and by the verb of the journalist Petr Slabý.

The trio lives only by the confrontation with its public. After almost two years without being able to hit the road, the musicians are finally leaving in October 2020 for Central Europe for a dozen concerts that are wild and rejuvenating. The joy and the energy of the reunion participate in the instant construction of a raw and uncompromising music, the compulsive obsessions, the repetitive ardour and the noisy and unstructured polyrhythms always present.

Some of these concerts are recorded. The first one, in the incredible setting of the Dragon Social Club in Poznan, during the Spontaneous Music festival gives here the first record, Dragon. Tension and freshness of a first concert, after long hours on the road, joy of the resumption and the reception, in a long evening dedicated to the improvisation and the meeting, the dragon is there, smoking but contained. In the middle of the tour, they arrive in Budapest, at the Lumen club, which gives its name to the second record. Bright but also all in rupture, the trio reinvents a form that it will experiment all this week of concerts… They finish at home, at the malterie in Lille, which takes advantage of this re-entry of (almost) end of pandemic to make a colorful festival. The malterie saw the birth of the group, allowed all the experiments and meetings, real playground and laboratory of creation.
It is also where the first album of Toc was recorded, whose name was still at the time the surnames of the three musicians. Le Gorille, testimony of one of the first concerts of the trio in 2008, will inaugurate the microcidi collection of the label Circum-Disc in 2009. Long out of print, the record is reissued here, the four CDs illustrating 15 years of activism of a trio out of the ordinary, where everything but also nothing has really changed…


All music composed and performed live by Toc
CD1 | Dragon: Recorded on October 2nd 2021 at Spontaneous Music Festival, Dragon Social Club in Poznan (PL), by Bartek Olszewski.
CD2 | Lumen: Recorded on October 6th 2021 at Lumen in Budapest (HU) by Dávid Tamás Pap.
CD3 | Base: Recorded on October 10th 2021 at Festival la malterie in Lille (F) by Bertrand Perrot.
CD4 | Le Gorille: Recorded on February 28 2008 at la malterie by TOC. Released on 2009 on Circum-Disc (microcidi001).

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