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L’horizon des événements

Artistes: Erikm, Petr Vrba
Date de sortie: 8-5-2023
Participants: Prise de son : Philippe Venne et Rémi Leclerc | Mixage et montage : Bernard Falaise | Mastering : Bernard Grenon | Réalisation : Rémi Leclerc

À propos de l'album

Sound as a communication platform, music as a full-fledged language through which you can listen to the dialogue of a pair of improvisational talents. French composer and visual artist Erikm, and Czech multi-instrumentalist Petr Vrba aka vrrrbitch, together build detailed electronic compositions that set in motion dynamics close to the language’s verbal means from diction, tonality to the extreme position of noise screams of synthesizers and effects.

The meeting between the two protagonists occurred in Canada in Rimouski in October 2021. The duo performed twice in the Czech Republic in December 2021.

ErikM Electronics device
vrrrbitch > electronics & Trompet
PUNCTUM Session Recorded in december 2021 by Ladislav Železný

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