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Artistes: Michele Anelli, Nicholas Remondino
Date de sortie: 4-3-2022
Participants: Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi | Artwork by Ryotaro Kawashima | Graphics by Marie-Pierre Morin

À propos de l'album

In the East, the desert fathers, from their ascetic isolation, spoke of the meridian demon, a spirit that, in the middle of the day, of life, of activities, led to discouragement.
The middle of the day, specifically, was (and is) identified as noon.
In contemporary life it seems unusual to identify this moment as the middle of the day, but thinking about monastic life and its daily rhythm, we notice that noon is really the middle of the day, as the word itself says.
The meridian demon is associated to an onset of tiredness, exhaustion and «blockage» that translates into a sense of anguished inactivity, lethal to the spirit and body.
This is obviously due to any kind of contemporary life.
The spiritual block that grips the human being in the middle of his day becomes a symbol of a possible «pause» that damages existence.
Each track of the work therefore represents the various stages, chronologically understood, of the day of an ανθρωπός.

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