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Artistes: Arthur Bull, Éric Normand

À propos de l'album

Arthur Bull and Éric Normand are both very active on the improvised music scene, but here they indulge in a side trip through Americana, wide spaces, and the oral tradition. The Surruralists have a new take on rural life and how to reclaim America’s traditional folk songs. Armed with guitars, banjos, basses, harmonicas, and their voices, they revisit styles like delta blues, cajun music, and Québécois laments, while inserting nods, winks, skids, and deliberate omissions, all to let the good times roll.

1 – DREAM (Arthur Bull)
2 – LA FEMME DU SOLDAT (folklore)
3 – STAGGOLEE (traditional)
4 – LULU (Arthur Bull)
5 – UN MACAQUE SUR MON DOS (folklore («They’ll Never Make a Monkey Out Of Me»))
6 – DISTANT FIELD (Juke Boy Bonner)

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