Unbelievably late

Maybe Alfred Jarry and Guillaume Appolinaire have never met. How can it be true ? How two of the weirdest guys of Paris could never meet ? A letter from 1905 confirm that they actually met, as Appolinaire write to Jarry that he still have his book Histoire du prince C.E. et de la princesse F. But, according to subsequent letters all their other "rendez-vous"' were missed by one or the other, so the book never came back to Jarry.

Hautzinger and Normand did met in 2016. Along with Michel F Côté, Philippe Lauzier and Xavier Charles, they formed the band Torche ! with which they created really moving music.
Since then, they tried to meet again to go forward on this way. The reunion of the quintet has still not happened but Franz and Eric played since then as duo, trio or quartet with Tom Mamendier and Erikm.
The music on this cd is the music that was possible to put together during pandemia, a collage of different moments in time, the result of a "rendez-vous" that became unbelievably late.


franz hautzinger: amplified trumpet
éric normand: electric bass, motors

all music by franz hautzinger & éric normand
recorded by franz hautzinger & éric normand at different locations in 2020-2021
edited and mixed by éric normand
mastered by mario gauthier
cover linocut artworks by nina normand